Please Hot-Fix Yuumi!

Yuumi is EXTREMELY weak right now and here are the reasons why: Passive: Her auto attack range is so damn low that every time I try and go to proc it, an ADC instantly destroys it by retaliating against me, theres no reliable way to proc it without putting Yuumi in danger. Q: Why is this a single target spell? It makes more sense for it to be an AoE! It is so weak and barely does any damage, atleast increase the slow duration to make it effective. W: I literally can die while on the way TO my ally. I've been stopped by Veigar Cages, Rammus Q's and I genuinely feel like they should increase the ratio because maxing it doesnt feel beneficial at all. E: Ratio is way way way too low, it's a heal, and it takes too long to charge. R: This spell brings nothing to a team fight, it's like a weaker form of a Neeko E and a Maokai R. Buff her ratios and her auto attack range and maybe she will be viable but right now she is extremely disappointing
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