Is Riot no longer supporting intel integrate graphics on a mac with bootcamp?

I'm trying to play the game, i've been playing in a macbook pro 2012 since i got it and all of a sudden i'm no longer able to play the game while using the bootcamp windows partition. i can play using macOS but it's just faster in windows, but i cant play using the integrated graphics, i've tried with the newest drivers, and i've tried rolling back the driver to a version that i was able to play it with, but all i'm getting is an error message that goes "an unknown DirectX error has occurred, please make sure that you have the latest drivers from your manufacturer" and i've tried absolutely everything, uninstalled the game completely, re-installed the game, deleted configs, updated drivers, rolled back drivers; and still nothing! it's very frustrating!!! If anyone has any insight on what it could possibly be, i'd appreciate the help very much
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