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This is the place where players can seek information about League of Legends in a simple question-answer format from other players. Knowledgeable [Specialists]( will be on hand to assist as well to keep threads on-topic and ensure good info is being passed along. 1. Always be respectful when asking a question or giving an answer and adhere to the [Universal Rules]( 2. Be clear and concise in your post; titles must accurately reflect the thread content, and answers need to stay on-topic. 3. Stay reasonable with your inquiries, and do not ask rhetorical questions or any designed to bait negative responses. 4. Questions need to be about League of Legends or Riot Games only. 5. Avoid engaging in arguments and do not give intentionally bad answers. Moderation will be strict in this regard. 6. Try to be informed when giving an answer; if you aren’t sure if you’re correct, gather some intel or let someone else respond. 7. Keep in mind that this is for getting answers from players, not Riot. Account inquiries such as for billing, account recovery, and unbans can’t be answered here, so we recommend you reach out to Player Support in a [Support Ticket]( instead.

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