Unfair ban

I had a history of negative behavior, but I have shown improvements throughout my games. However, I believe I was unfairly permanently banned. Previously when I was banned for 2 weeks, I spoke with riot employee Skeletor and I was rude to him, and it seems like he had a grudge on me. In the final game, I had a nasus that was flaming me and trolling my whole team. I was the jungler for the team. He'd ask for ganks several times, but he would just afk on the tower once I come. Afterwards I told him, I will not be coming top. He began to flame me once he started to losing lane even more. He called me "autistic several times, and told in all chat to report me for being toxic" even though i was not. I became a bit heated so I gave him some words in all chat as well, but I muted him and unmuted him later to communicate and win. However, he kept calling me autistic, while I encouraged my team to just farm and fight under tower. At the end, I was permanently banned. I went to submit my ticket and spoke with a live member. The first person that popped up was Skeletor. And his words were as if he knew and he was being very sarcastic and insulting. I feel very disgusted because it seems like he targeted me and banned me permanently. I remember him specifically saying "Oh no what happened" as if he was mocking me. We should take action upon those employees who take unfair actions on specific players. I remember a specific employee targeting tyler1. Once tyler1 exposed him, he was fired. I wanted my account unban.
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