Match Found screen won't go away but registered that I hit accept. This causes a dodge!

I queued, the Accept/Dodge screen popped, I pressed accept and it makes the noise of accept but does not go away. I could see the new game's champ select underneath and people saying roles, etc. I could spam ACCEPT and it played the "accept sound" each time. I could also press Decline and it played that sound. This was right after ending another game where I hit play again. It had to have processed my initial accept or I wouldn't have saw the new game's champ select.. Since I couldn't pick, it obviously dodged. Now I'm sitting in a dodge timer!!!!! Please fix this. A programmatic safeguard can be put in place to prevent this AND the penalty from happening. I didn't dodge anything! Come to think of this, there are quite a few improvements that can be made to help players who can't get in and also the teams who are missing the player.. hint hint!! :)

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