Kha'Zix Isolation is ONCE AGAIN being negated by attached Yuumi...

As Yuumi is ALWAYS going to jump to the person being assaulted by the enemy assassin, this makes Kha'Zix unplayable when Yuumi is picked. Absolutely ridiculous that there have been TWO instances of isolation bugs in a 20 day period when this has never been an issue before in the champion's seven year history. * For anyone who is unaware, untargetable champions DO NOT count against Isolation and NEVER have. Fizz mid E, Zhonya's stasis, Bard ult, none of them negate Isolation. This bug only reared its vile little head during the first absurd Kha'Zix Isolation bug last week. Rule of thumb: If an LCS game would get restarted for it, I shouldn't be losing LP for it. ** Moved this to the right Bug Reports board.
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