Disconnecting at 100%

disconnected from 3 games today. 2 ranked ones (got a penalty for the second one). and an aram. all 3 games i tried reconnecting but every time i just kept getting kicked out. with the exception of the aram. the aram worked on the THIRD time. it's really obnoxious and really kills the mood getting penalized for it. i loaded into a custom game perfectly fine. nearly every other day i play league i don't have connection issues. but every now and then this exact thing keeps happening over and over for 1 day. i loaded into games perfectly fine even earlier today BEFORE Pyke was released. i looked on the boards and within the last 24 hours a couple other people had the same issue. also important to note i had no other apps open and no one else was using the internet so everything was dedicated to league so i'm 99% positive the reason i kept getting booted it more to the client it's self than my computer or internet.

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