lol ranked games, só whats up with matchmaking

i m starting to be in great rage, iknow the political bs about cant rage , and be toxic blabla.... but seRIOUSLY i play ranked every freakin game try harding but still going to prom and i have 8 games in a raw, i got only trolls, cait top vs lucian gold4 , the thing is cait was playing for the first ranked game on her account, and this happens in thism8 games, and i dodge 2 times, seriously what s up about that, explain me how i have only trollers or guys who never play ranked and i m playing against 4 or 3 gold4, and on my team the hiesght was a freakin silvrr 3 .... and please dont send me bs about focusing and blaming me, u rr solo q matchmaking suck fixit, and make othrr servers my ping is too high ty .... work harder u re gettingm payed i m not... fix your freakin game riot
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