[Gameplay] Kled w.. and r.. and q and e after tp.. and passive..

**W bugs:** So as a Kled main i know to never ever upgrade my W if i'm using it because if i do then i won't get the 4th juicy proc. Now here is the thing that tilts me the most sometimes randomly as hell you just don't get the 4th proc and if this happens during a trade.. well it's pretty game changing. I think it has to do with either cancelling your W autos or casting your Q or your E mid W but i honestly can't be sure. I only know it can happen both mounted and unmounted. **TP bugs** If i Q or E immediately after i tp they always go backwards **R bugs** ~~:| SERIOUSLY HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS ABILITY EVEN FUCKING WORK REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ Between my ultimate going through a different path where the arrows say it will go or my R failing to do damage and knock them up ~~or me completely missing my ultimate i don't know which tilts me the most~~. ~~BUT THEY ALL FUCKING TILT ME~~ When my ult fails to connect i'm almost sure it's because i'm right clicking like a monkey right before it connects. **Passive bugs** This is specially noticeable when tower diving, right when i'm about to get unmounted if i'm right clicking like a monkey ~~the invulnerability either doesn't last as long or i'm not invulnerable and the tower aggro doesn't reset~~ i don't become untargetable for some reason. Well these are all the bugs that i can remember. Edit: A good example of the r bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQg4fBBCoxg
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