[GAMEPLAY] Game fails to initialize until the ten second mark

^Title Basically, I either exit the loading screen and enter the game at around 00:09-00:11, or I exit the loading screen and enter the game, with fog of war on the whole map (including fountain), being unable to see you or your teammates, or access the shop, until around 00:10. This has happened since two days ago, on both summoner's rift and the howling abyss, in both normals and customs, on multiple different champions. As a person who likes to run up to the river bush and get there before the enemy team, I have to say that this greatly affects the first 40 seconds in game by a lot for me. Two days ago, I had experienced exiting the loading screen and hearing the in game sound + entering the game at 00:10-11. However, in my most recent game, I entered the game, but the game timer froze at 00:00 and I couldn't enter the shop or even see anything. I tried clicking the shopkeeper, as well as pressing my gold value and pressing p. The shop did not open, and I had to buy as fast as possible within 4 seconds, which was quite hard as I don't usually play Tahm Top and so I don't have a preset page with starting items. However, I was able to level up my Q using ctrl Q. I could also hear the in game sounds of my premades in league voice chat a few seconds before my game loaded up. So, is this because of my connection? Or is it an in game issue with the server? Is it a known bug? (I haven't seen any related posts on the report a bug boards in the past month) Is there any way to fix it? PS: Prior to this patch, I would usually load up the game really fast, finish buying my items, and need to spamclick the river bush for a few seconds before the base gates opened, so it's probably a problem from this patch, I've also gotten much larger and more frequent ping spikes these days, though I'm not going to complain about it on this post.
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