[CLIENT] Not getting chests after getting an S- or higher.

So I've got two keys that I'd love to use. I have gotten an S- and an S today, but I haven't gotten either chest. I have all four chests available since I haven't been playing a whole lot lately. I know key shards are randomly given rather than just after a game. Are chests too? If so, I'm not really fond of that since they're not tied to honor and are still tied to getting a grade. They should be given immediately when earned. Either way, what's up with this? Anyone else had this problem? Is there any hope for a poor guy with keys but no chests? As an extra tidbit of wth. I was playing with a couple friends, and he got an S- with me getting an S. This was in the same game, and he got a chest at the end of the game, but I didn't.
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