Fiora and Veigar E Interaction

Hello there. So I am not sure, if it is intended or if it is a bug. But as it seems, Fiora is able to dash into Veigars Event Horizon, while pressing her riposte. But, correct me, if i am wrong, but if she dashes into the stun, she should be stunned and thus should not be able to riposte the CC. And if she presses her Riposte, she just cant dash anymore. Its cleary stated in the description of her Riposte: Fiora is immobile while poised. Regardless if one thinks she might be in a strong or weak state, that interaction is somewhat inconsistent and quite frankly dumb. I hope some of you can enlighten me about that, because I for one do not understand it. Ps: This is not about Champions being op. Keep it civil please.
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