Brand new macBook 2019 15 inch i7, 15 gig ram and Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB running horrible????

I am curious what is going on with LoL on Mojave, I see so many horror stories I sort of expected it but WOW is it bad. The frames were 30 and below without even touching the default graphic settings (Why should I, it's 4gb dedicated video and 16 gigs of ram). I dropped the resolution and it helped some but what is going on? Is there no fix in sight? I am sadly very confident it will work fine if I run bootcamp but that seems so crazy when there is a mac client... Is it still being developed or ghost ship mode? PS: Default on this was medium settings for graphics but really what does that matter if I am not maxing it out and this is not a base modem MacBook..
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