[Patch 8.24b]Heimerdinger Ult Turret(AA) stops firing

Server: EUW Game-ID: GameID: EUW1/201363482 Match Details: Can be reproduced in Training Mode and live-game Type of Bug: in-game champion bug Details: When Heimerdinger throws a grenade very briefly after he has placed his ult turret then his ult turret shoots 1-3 normal Autoattacks before stopping to autoattack(still charges beam). Amount of AA depends on the speed you are able to throw the E-Grenade after Placing the Ult tower, the faster the less shots. If you are very slow with the grenade it will not occur. Here are the steps to recreate: - get into training mode - get lvl 6 with heimerdinger - place a dummy - place ult turret - immediately throw E-Grenade like your life depended on it on the target dummy - watch tower not shooting after the 1-3 shot depending on your speed with E Keypoint here is the delay between placing RQ and Throwing E. If it is small enough it is very easy to reproduce, just need fast fingers. This is also happening in summoners rift: GameID: EUW1/201363482 around 10:32 3 shots before it stops firing the 4th around 13:58 1 shot and it stops firing everyshot afterwards Edit: Someone told me the timing to reproduce the bug is approximately 1 second between placing ult turret and throwing E - Grenade, but haven't confirmed with a stopwatch. Added Live GameID and Timers when it happens in the live game. P.S.: Maybe someone on the board with more video capturing prowess than me can make a small video about this?

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