Illaoi's 50+ bugs (updated list)

This is my previous post, [Illaoi's 20+bugs]( We got some stuff fixed which is very nice and found out some of them were intended. Now here's the updated list, sorted by ability and by priority. PS: Some may say that some things in here may be intended. Thing is, you can't ever be sure that something is intended. Some mechanics of her may probably not be intended, as well as, some of her most horrible bugs could be intended. I just placed them to be sure I'm not missing a bug which should be fixed. *Better be sure to not regret it later* #Tentacles: * Tentacle attacks penetrate spell shields (sivir's E) if Illaoi dash w-s, or if it's because of an attack triggered because of E. As for E only tentacles that are awakened because of Illaoi get the penetration bonus. Those that are awakened because of a vessel will act normally. This isn't all. Tentacles that penetrate shields will also have a damage reduction shield. What this means is that tentacles attacking within 0.5 seconds of each other will deal 100%-100%-50%-25% of the original damage instead of 100%-50%-25%-25%. [video]( * If an enemy champion becomes a vessel near dormant tentacles, those tentacles will not attack him when they wake up. [video]( * Their agro range is based on the center on the target, while their damage range is based on their edge. What this means is that the tentacle can damage targets that are further away from the range they can be targeted. If you W a target, tentacles may have the range to attack that target, but they won't, because the center of the target is more distant from their damage range. * They'll reveal nearby control wards. * Tentacles take 1 second to make an attack but are buffed to make one in 0.5 seconds under effect of the ult. Thing is not every attack acts this way. Only the first. So if a normal tentacle attacks 3 times in a row it will take it 3 seconds to finish the attacks. When buffed it will take 0.5+1+1=2.5 seconds which i think it's not the "50% more speed" that says in the description. [video](, [video2]( If you compare the speed of the second attack in the videos you'll see they're the same. First video it took 2 seconds. Second video it took 1.5 seconds. * The description says that ''Enemies hit by multiple Slams at once take 50% damage beyond the first''. What this would mean is that the damage is being dealt as 100%-50%-50%-50%. This is however not true as the damage is dealt as 100%-50%-25%-25%-25% [video]( * Tentacles will reveal themselves when they attack, even if there're no enemy champions nearby. [video]( * Tentacles will stop attacking if Illaoi dies or if there's no vessel nearby. But they will do one last attack if Illaoi died while the tentacle was spawning, so there's a bit of contradictory here. [video](, [video2](, [video3](, [video4]( #W: * Triggering Conqueror with her W will make every successive auto Tentacle attack to not convert any damage to true damage. First commanded attack will neither gain bonus damage from Conqueror's bonus AD. [video]( 1\. Using E before the triggering command completes will enable the Tentacle to convert the damage but it will not give the bonus damage from the bonus AD. [video]( 2\. Using W or E after triggering Conqueror will re-enable tentacles to convert the damage. * About the same thing happens with effects that work on stacks (Spellthief, Phase Rush, Electrocute). If you command a tentacle to slam with E they will apply one stack, which is good. However, commanding them to attack with W will only get you one stack, which is from the basic attack, and not from the tentacle attack. This means that the tentacle attack is considered part of W. That's not all, other tentacles attacks after the W will not give you any other stacks either. [video]( In the video i dealt 1 W, 3 Slams and 1 basic attack and I only got 2 stacks, which was basically from the 2 basic attacks, my slams didn't get any stack even though they should've gotten at least one. * The attack will brake spell shields (sivir's E) but it will not prevent the damage or slam proc. * Dash range W does not trigger hail of blades, while close range W does. * If she close W-s a spirit, and the spirit vanishes mid animation, or a target became invulnerable (zhonya, vladimir, etc..), tentacles will slam, but they won't slam if Illaoi dash w-ed. [video](, [video2]( * Each parry has got different interactions with this ability, whether you're close w-ing or dash w-ing (they're all parries so they should all act the same, right?): * Counter Strike: both w-s do **not** deal damage and do **not** proc slam. * Aegis Protection and Spirit's Refuge: 1\. Close range: does **not** deal damage but **does** proc slam. 2\. Dash range: does **not** deal damage and does **not** proc slam. * Blinding Dart: 1\. Close range: does **not** deal damage and does **not** proc slam. 2\. Dash range: **does** deal damage and **does** proc slam. [video]( * If Illaoi has Guardian Angel and starts w before she “dies” but hits while she’s “dead”, Tentacles won’t slam. If however she queues W and then “dies” the Tentacles will attack. [video]( * Bone plating will both trigger and reduce the W damage from a single attack (it's supposed to reduce the damage from the second attack). * Stormrazor will not reduce the crit damage (the crit will always be 200% AD + W bonus damage). * Since the attack deals both spell effects and on-hit effects Manamune will deal double damage. (it's not intended since only ezreal was fixed. Yea there're other champs with which this happens) * Using it after hexflash will delay the attack. * Having a lot of attack speed will break the dash range w animation. * Using close range w together with ravenous hydra will delay / make a weird animation. * While having Muramana, W will show a wrong % bonus damage, but the damage will be done correctly. * Illaoi can still dash w even if she's rooted . (i know you can still use abilities during a root, but you shouldn't be able to move) * W's shown range will not change if Illaoi increases in size. Attack range increases with size and it will increase W-s range but the shown range doesn't change. This means that Illaoi will jump from further away than what the range tells her (if you press c you can see the range is bigger). #E: * Using W while the Tentacle is spawning will block the tentacle from E attacking for a maximum 1 second. [video](, [video2]( * If Illaoi E-s a target that is camouflaged (and not invisible) while there’s a control ward revealing them, the spirit will be invisible and untargetable. It can still get damaged (i guess, because you can’t see its hp but you definitely redirect the damage), but you can’t hit it with basic attacks. [video]( * Spellthief and Predator. The attack that procs the bonus damage against the spirit only reflects double proc damage, not taking into account actual damage done to the spirit. For example, if the proc deals 10 bonus damage and you deal 1000 damage, what gets redirected is 20 damage. [video]( * If you grab the spirit of a champion that has a different bar from the mana one, i.e rage (gnar, renekton) or flow (yasuo), the spirit will not show its lifetime (the white bar below the lifebar). [video]( * Some abilities/effects work as if the spirit were a monster, for example Blade of the Ruined King which deals a maximum 60 damage (this doesn't happen with Bloodrazor) and Tahm Kench may launch it as a minion when he eats it. [video](, [video2]( * Knowing that attacking the spirit will stack Black Cleaver on the tethered champion, if Illaoi attacks both the enemy and its spirit at the same time (for example with q) the enemy will receive only one Black Cleaver debuff. [video](, It should receive 1 stack from Q and 1 stack from E but it doesn't. * Towers will not increase their damage per shot when attacking the spirit, and they will also deal 50% reduced damage to it. [video]( The hit to the champion dealt 125 damage while the ones to the spirit dealt a static 62.5. * What happens when the Spirit vanishes? (take note vanish is different from dies. You don’t need to kill the spirit for these effects to happen) You get: Coup de grace’s bonus ad; Phage’s full movement speed; 1 creep score in game (at the end of game screen it won't show the bonus) * The redirected damage is done in this order. Damage (before resistances)\*ability modifier<=Spirit’s Current Health. If this is false the redirected damage becomes equal to the Spirit’s Current Health. This will then get modified by resistances or amplifiers of the enemy champion. Why is this wrong? In a hypothetical situation, if both the spirit as the target have 50% damage reduction from armor, the spirit has 500 hp, and you hit it with 1000 damage (before resistances), and you have 60% ratio on your E, redirected damage won’t be 1000\*0.6\*0.5=300 but it will be 1000\*0.6=600, is 600<=500? No, then redirected damage is 500\*0.5=250 which is 50% echoed damage and not 60%. If instead of doing 1000 damage in 1 hit, you would’ve dealt it in 2 hits, 500 each, the results would have been these: 500\*0.6=300<=500 (Yes) 300\*0.5=150 redirected damage (first hit) In the meantime the spirit took 500\*0.5=250 damage Same thing for second hit, 500\*0.6=300<=250(No) 250\*0.5=125 redirected damage (second hit) The spirit reached 0 hp because of having taken 250 damage twice. Results? Total redirected damage=150+125=275 which is 55% echoed damage. We dealt the same total damage to the spirit, but the total redirected damage is higher if you dealt it with less powerful attacks, but still less than the expected 60% echoed damage (full attack speed Illaoi meant to be meta by riot?) [video]( Instead of the formula above. The correct one should be, Damage (before resistances)\*ability modifier. This will then get modified by resistances or amplifiers of the enemy champion. All this has to be <=Spirit’s Current Health. If it's not the redirected damage becomes equal to the Spirit’s Current Health. With this formula. If your spirit's echoed damage is 60% you will deal 60% and not less. * Illaoi's E is the only ability in the game (i think) that can affect the enemy champion while it's reviving. If you kill the spirit while a champion is in Guardian Angel's passive, or in other effects, it’s possible the champion will revive with no slow from E or with no vessel debuff. [video](, [video2](, [same video but aatrox perspective]( In the same video above you can see a strange ghost that moves in place when Aatrox enter the bush. That happens when someone cleanses/frees himself from the vessel effect and enters the fog of war. * The spirit also cannot be shielded or healed in any way (or that’s what riot wanted but didn’t happen). Even if they want or not the spell Heal and Soraka’s Ult (i.e heals that are aoe) can auto target the spirit even if the champion can’t. The spirit won’t be healed, wasting the effect, but, if the champion also has aery, aery will go shield the spirit. This is the only effect in the game that can shield it. * You cannot grab the spirit of a target that is spell shielded or with morgana’s E. You can however grab Malzahar’s, while in his passive. * Sometimes when you get knocked up or silenced your E can look as if it got blocked. But it doesn't. The ability will still go forward, but it's invisible. [video](, [video2](, [video3]( * Illaoi is the only one who can see who's vesseled. Allies / enemies cannot. This might be good thematically but it's wrong gameplay wise. For Illaoi's allies it's wrong because if Illaoi sees a vessel nearby she's most likely to attack it (i.e allies need to know that Illaoi is going to attack it). For Illaoi's enemies it's wrong because tentacles spawn / attack the vessel randomly and since they don't know they got a vessel nearby they may also get hit. * The spirit's lifetime looks to be reduced only by single target and aoe attacks. Dot doesn't work. Malz E doesn't reduce the spirit's lifetime. Rumble and Singed work because their abilities are considered aoe. Minions and items also don't work, ex: Malzahar's minions, Shaco's boxes, Sunfire Cape, Liandry's etc.. * The spirit levels up if the target levels up and will also last 1 more second if this happens. * If the first cast doesn't hit anything or gets blocked by a minion it will have a dropping water particle effect from it. This effect is not present on the Void Bringer skin. [video]( #R: * You can animation cancel a queued tentacle’s attack by queuing an Ult’s attack over a normal attack. i.e You Ult, in the meantime a vessel comes to you, a tentacle attacks it, you drop down and W. What happens is that the first attack seems to have been cancelled by the second attack. In reality the first attack still goes on, but it’s invisible and will still hit the target. This is a way to get tentacles to attack very fast for one attack. [video]( * The other way around, if you W when the ult finishes the attack will be delayed. [video]( * Using Ult on a spell shielded target, will block the damage, but it will still spawn Tentacles. * It's possible the animation will get bugged making Illaoi "drop quicker". In reality even if she drops quicker she can't move for the usual animation time, so it's not an "animation cancel" and just a visual bug.
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