Cannot log into League

UPDATE: Riot has confirmed that there is an issue with the log in servers. I don't know why, but I can't log into league. I put it in password (username is still the same btw), and it tells me wrong username or password. At first I thought it was a hacker changing my password, so I changed my password through email. So I thought that was over, but NO, I type in my NEW password, and it STILL says wrong username or password. So I thought that was weird, so I go on the website and type in my username and password, and it worked...? So I was really confused. I even copied and pasted my username and password to both the client and the website and only the website worked but the client still says wrong username/password. Any way to resolve this issue? RiotGames username: exoticreactionz LoL IGN: Aegyo Larry
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