Can't change my HUD Clicking Hotkey to MB3

I use the scroll wheel button on my mouse (MB3) to do two main things: 1. Move items in my inventory. 2. Click on the mini-map the exam what is going on. I am not wanting to walk there. I just need to move the camera to look around. After the change a few weeks ago it removed my MB3 HUD hotkey. The option to set that hotkey seems to have been removed from the Hotkey list. I used to go into the 'input' config file to adjust Hotkeys (That used to be the only way to put attack move on MB1). So I thought I would go into again to see if I can find the hidden hotkey. I found it and tried to change it in the input config file but no success. Right now the only way to have attack move on MB1 and Not attack move while moving the camera/moving items is to use the Shift+MB1 hotkey. This is REALLY annoying. I have been using MB3 since Season 3 and I do not use the shift key at all in league. Please fix this issue. Give me back the option to hotkey HUD events so I change it to MB3 and not be forced onto Shift+MB1.

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