Theres some kind of logic flaw in the system when editing a rune page

If i go into a rune page in champ select, or anywhere for that matter, and say i have inspiration secondary with cosmic insight and magical boots. If i click on top of the cosmic insight icon, and then click on perfect timing cosmic insight should get swapped for perfect timing. That's what i asked the system to do when i did that series of clicks. perfect timing and cosmic insight are on separate rows, and magical boots is also in a separate row, so it should just be like, ok swap insight for perfect timing. It doesn't do that half the time. For whatever reason it rotates whatever is in the top slot out, shifts the second slot upward, and puts what you clicked into the slot on the bottom. So in that scenario if magical boots are on top, then cosmic insight is in the second row, instead of going by what i clicked it just takes out magical boots. This doesn't make sense to me and seems completely against what i intended with my clicks. I never clicked cosmic insight expecting it to swap out magical boots instead. I wouldn't open up the panel of 9 icons and select the icon under the one i actually want expecting the system to know what i want, so why does it swap out something else thinking i wanted it to do that instead.

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