Cannon Removal in URF?

Hey, I just saw URF is on the PBE right now. But this cannon is there too which is really triggering tho. That thing is making the game less fun and more like a competition gamemode. Everyone just wants to be fast and get kills. I dont really like that. Urf is fun because you can rapidly use your Abilities, but you should not think that you have to be fast and win the game. The cannon has got such a big impact on that. I dont know.. its not my thing. I mean i love URF, but i cant play my old URF with this cannon. Sometime its just better to let the Old things be old and dont change a thing on that. The Snowball URF was fun, but this cannon is too much for me. I would love if you could make a 50/50 with and without cannon or something like that idk. Sorry for my english btw.
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