Riot seriously i'm getting so tired of dealing with not being able to load in. no replies = no gain

This is my third time making a board post about not being able to load into a game within the last week and a half. every few days i just can't load into a game of league and it's seriously starting to make me just want to give up entirely. i love league i really do and i understand it's hard to make sure that it's completely flawless be it balancing or not having bugs but seriously for the love of god why is it i can't load into games now? every time it's almost the same thing. i get 100% loaded in the loading screen then boom i get the disconnected message and it's not the one that gives the option to try again or cancel it's just the one that sends you right back out of the screen on it's own. this last game of ranked i just played the game fucking crashed on me and had the loading screen stuck with health bars, champion icons, messages, and everything else just instead of showing the actual map and game it was showing the loading screen. i go to restart my computer but it ends up taking 10 minutes because bug splat keeps coming back up and what not. load back in finally only to get the same disconnection message. then the third time the games over and i get penalized for 5 games. i'm so sick of this. 3 god damn times within the last week and a half i've had constant disconnection issues ever since the release of Pyke. now i'm not saying i've never had disconnection issues before i have, but they are always far and few between 3 or so months and then they are almost always gone the next day. but this time? nope it's every other day and every other game. i'm so tired of it. honestly i'd rather have troll ass teammates or intentionally feeding teammates than not being able to play the game at all. it just is so aggravating. on top of that all 3 of my boards post have gotten zero attention from anyone let alone anyone from riot offering any solutions or giving any insight. i looked at previous boards from people within the same time i've had problems and seen a couple other people with the same loading problems so it's clearly not just me. also i checked the lag report that popped up after i got my penalty message for being afk. turns out my ISP connection is 94/100 so it's also very clearly not my internet. who would of thought that seeing i've been playing league on the same internet and hardly had any problems with it. i'll admit i'm using a pretty old laptop to play league and again i know it's hard to keep league perfect all the time. but seriously when absolutely ridiculous stuff like these disconnection issues continues to be a recurring problem it's past a line for me. and i feel like it's due to riot just not caring anymore. from what i've noticed almost EVERYTHING that riot has done after losing the number one game title to fortnite has been either rushed or just half assed entirely because they just want to push things as fast as possible to try and stay relevant and consistent like fortnite is. which is just stupid because when you rush things or half -ass them you get problems like the ones i'm experiencing where they can clearly be fixed or adjusted but are now not payed attention to because you know we gotta push out changing all AD items in the game into something new to keep that player base interested, and we gotta push out pyke as fast as possible to keep people playing our game. sorry for the rant but i'm just so frustrated with league at the moment. any insight at all from anyone experiencing the same or similar problems. even better if anyone from riot can actually reply for once and give insight as well.

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