I have no screenshots because it happened so fast but this is what happened, step by step. I was going top lane, and Karma and Olaf were on top. They began to run from me, so I threw out my ball, and ulted but my ult would have been out of range either way, but MY BALL CAME BACK TO ME AFTER THROWING IT OUT AND ULTING, making it so that my ult was under my feet and nothing was hit by it. I was nowhere even close to having my ball indicator be red, and throwing it out should not have it come back to me immediately. If that had happened in a teamfight that could've singlehandedly lost us the teamfight, quite possibly the game. I hope I can reproduce it, but that should be clear enough for it to be reproduced in a game again sometime. I might try it on the pbe and see if I can do something to reproduce it. Also, for some reason Orianna winds up with two ball indicators sometimes, no idea what causes that. But it might have something to do with it. Maybe it thinks she has two balls. Who knows. I was using Winter Wonder Orianna, if that helps anyone figure this out.

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