Yasuo Q's with no cooldown

This enemy yasuo was spamming Q like it had no cooldown not sure if bug or possible hacks or some type of scripts he was pretty suspicious. The Q sfx also sounded weird like they were overlaying each other. You can see on the third post he Q's Xayah instantly getting out of his E Q spin This player had pretty suspicious Q's and (W) windwalls, all of them were exactly the time that TF threw is gold card. He also instantly E'd a twitch coming out of stealth instantly with no previous the twitch was there and it was just too spot on. It was the one frame he pops up it seems impossible I provide and extra slowmotion clip on the E just to see how frame perfect it is Last clip I got shit on but its too suspicious to me... idk maybe he's just a (casual) GOD 300 IQ... on silver... since S4... either way theres something happening with that Q, check it out. Bugged? Hacker? Smurf? Lucky? Hacked old account with and added scripts? Username: Team So Mad https://imgur.com/a/ZiheYQZ https://imgur.com/a/vbZ3P9W https://imgur.com/a/RwBctjU https://imgur.com/a/y52FN4B https://imgur.com/a/UYxMo0k https://imgur.com/a/hmX6P1K https://imgur.com/a/pxPYT1c [Bugged? Hacker? Smurf? Lucky? Genious? Hacked old account with and added scripts?] ((Maybe im just crazy idk help me out))
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