[CRASH] Consistent Bugsplat on Twisted Treeline

Attempted to reconnect three times, up to and including relaunching League altogether. Match would load 6ā€“18%, and then splat each time. Teams consisted of Battle Boss Malzahar (me) with Glacial Augment, Classic Jinx, and PROJECT: Yi; vs. classic Rek'Sai, I believe Ghost Bride Morgana, and then Teemo with a skin I forget. Went into a custom TT match by myself as Battle Boss Malzahar and it also resulted in a bugsplat, although it was able to load up to 99%. Reloaded League, same thing happened. ~~And now I'm trapped in a phantom match that I can't escape, because the Reconnect button won't go away despite it being a solo custom match that I can't even load into. šŸ™ƒ~~ ~~I'm not sure if this is a TT issue or a Malzahar issue or a patch issue, and I can't test further at the moment due to the aforementioned phantom match, but it's definitely _some_ kind of issue going on.~~ **EDIT**: The phantom match ended, tested again on a TT solo custom, this time as Order of the Lotus Karma ā€” loading bar reaches 100%, splat. Attempt again, loading bar gets to 98%, splat. **Edit 2**: Tried again with PROJECT: Ashe on Howling Abyss ā€” changed my icon from Rainbow Fluft, and completely changed my runes, this time it loads in properly. Tested Battle Boss Malzahar on HA as well, he also loads in fine. Tested with Battle Boss Malzahar on HA _with_ Glacial Augment, loads fine. Tested with Project: ASHE on HA _with_ Rainbow Fluft icon, loads fine. Tested with Project: ASHE on TT with a different icon, crash. In short, **there seems to be an issue with TT in specific**. I am running Windows 10, on NA. Here's the original match with the repeated bugsplats, by the way: [link](https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3054663129/219630935?tab=overview)
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