[Client] I am not receiving Trials Tokens after playing games with the pass

After finishing a game, I receive the notification that I've won X number of Tokens, but after looking in the Loot tab, they aren't updated. They are still not updated even after I reopen the client multiple times. For almost the whole day I was unable to gain tokens, although at the beginning of the day I was able to, and they also updated with no issues until I reached 2006 tokens. I can't be certain if it has anything to do with the number of tokens I've reached, but nothing else that I can think of happened in the middle of the day that could have resulted in me not being able to receive Tokens. I might just be overreacting, but if a season pass is implemented that makes you pay money and play the game to receive the rewards, I expect the system to be up to date to assure me that I'm receiving my tokens.
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