[Gameplay] Arcade Sona Particles

In Game, as Arcade Sona, the flashy pixel-y particles around the edge of her auras are not visible to the controlling player. This is a cosmetics bug as opposed to a functionality bug, but it seems important when paying for a skin. Reproduction: I played an entire game on Summoner's Rift in custom mode with no enemy to test this as I had seen it posted by other users. I am confirming, here, their findings. Game date: 10-17-2014 Server: NA Champion: Sona Skin: Arcade Issue: Particle effects around edge of auras not visible to controlling player Priority: Low (cosmetic) Impairs Functionality: No Impairs Clarity: No EDIT: I have recently had other players messaging me with reports that this bug exists beyond the NA server. At least one person from EUW has experienced it as well. I just assumed that all servers saw the same thing and so fixing it in one place would fix it everywhere, but that's just speculation on my part. Just doing what I can to help the playerbase at large by adding this section. Thank you for your time.
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