Singed q Animation bugg abuse (Only with the use of macros)

I was recently in a game with a singed player (g07h4xf00 is his name ) while i was playing Olaf . He was winning trades because i could not see the Poison at all. I thought it was a graphical error on my own part but I also seen the poison during the game when he kept the q active. I also get 300-450+ fps on max settings on my gaming computer so it made me question if it was a glitch or not. During the game i noticed that when i would watch his character the poison would go on and off extremely fast to the point that i did not think this was humanly possible . I figured out how to do it. If you create a macro that presses q twice (WITH NO DELAY ONLY) using a third party program (like Razor synapse which is what i used to recreate this in a custom game), he will produce the poison with no animation for the poison. no matter how fast i can click it was not possible to recreate without this macro.
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