Terrible mathcmaking

Hi folks. so im curious as to how the matchmaking in league works. im fairly new to league, only been playing for about two weeks. but for some reason my friends and i keep getting matched up against people waaaay above our level. for the last couple days every match ive played ive been put up against people lvl 100 and up. at first i thought maybe ive just got good enough at the game that im in a higher skill tier. but im not! theres no way lol im really not that good and the people i play with are around my skill level or lower. its got to the point where we are looking for a different MOBA to play because believe it or not we dont enjoy loosing every game to players with 100 plus more hours than us. is there something i can do to fix this or is the matchmaking in league just that crappy? like ive played other MOBAs before and never had this issue ... wtf league!?
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