Draven has too many bugs,

Ok, back in Season 7 and early season 8, Draven had this bug where his axe would randomly disappear and would heavily outcome the result of the next fight. I didn't really think much of it. I found it annoying, but I didn't bother addressing it, it wasn't THAT big, but these 2 that I'm about to address do affect fight 'directly'. Ok I'm going to keep this short. **CLIP 1** The first clip, keep an eye on my cursor the entire time, and you should see my "Stand Aside" (E) goes some random place behind me; looks closely. https://imgur.com/31SISXG **CLIP 2** In the fight when my ultimate is on its way back, I direct it so it hits Ziggs, later after watching the fight I notice my ultimate did no damage on its way back to Ziggs. https://imgur.com/P2OIJDg Thanks, all replies are appreciated. {{champion:119}} {{sticker:draven-pose}}
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