Save edited mastery page at the end of count down does not work

Dear Riot, See image: It was a time crunch but from my point of view, I finished selecting all the masteries that I wish to take. I believe I even clicked the save button when the window is closed as the game was about to start. Either way, it completely ignored all my edits and gave me a random mastery page. I got the glacial augment, basically, support preset mastery page for Tryndamere. There are so many things wrong here: 1. Why would an AD champion get the glacial mastery page as a random? 2. Why can't the game just save the masteries I selected? I would rather have half of my mastery page (and leave the other half blank) than having a random one that has no synergy with the champion. 3. The game has a prompt that asks if I would like to save the page when it closes, please make it actually work. If the page is incomplete, see number 2 above. Or at least randomize only the ones that didn't get picked and let me keep the categories that I selected (precision, domination, etc.). Thanks! FQVBSina

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