[MEGATHREAD] Clash Issues & Bugs | Updated 4/14/18 6:35PM PDT

>** Doctross (Seanard)** - Today at 6:30 PM Can someone explain why my team just got an auto loss when the queue popped > **draggles **- Today at 6:31 PM that sounds like the bug we're looking for [](https://.) > **draggles **- Today at 6:04 PM > really sorry for all of this disruption. we're looking into extending the lock-in period for the 8pm flight to try and minimise some of this stuff, stay tuned [](https://.) > **draggles **- Today at 6:02 PM > needless to say if you bought tickets and they don't show up, they're just not updating on the frontend. we're still looking into why this might be [](https://.) > **Network Operations** ā€“ _Friday, April 13 2018 5:58 PM -0700_ > Due to an issue with Store some players missed lock in for Clash. There is a second lock in at 8pm PDT. [](https://.) > **draggles **- Today at 5:52 PM > yea, unfortunately it's all connected, the store + the clash ticket entry > which is what is slowing everything down rn [](https://.) > **draggles **- Today at 5:50 PM > so the ticket transaction only happens when you get into a bracket - if you see that you've "lost" tickets, either you never actually bought the tickets, or they are actually in your inventory, but they're not showing up if you spent BE or RP on a ticket, it is still there. we're working to fix this stuff [](https://.) > **draggles **- Today at 5:39 PM > sorry for the bad experience here, guys, multiple things happening at once here. > 1. tickets are still valid for the 8pm flight, as well as sat/sun - this isn't ideal but is an option > 2. we're seeing servers overload across the board atm, we need some time to get them back in shape for the 8pm flight > 3. re: tickets, we'll discuss the process for unused tickets after the beta, but we've got more urgent live issues happening right now [](https://.) > **Network Operations** ā€“ *Friday, April 13 2018 5:09 PM PDT* We are aware of an issue with Clash Lock in and are working on a fix. You can view Service Status information on the [Service Status Page](https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#na) , or by clicking on the exclamation mark in the red circle at the top of this page. I encourage players who encounter any issues to utilize this thread to report any issues. NOTE/PSA: > draggles - Today at 5:42 PM > if someone closed the client, you will dodge and go to losers bracket Thanks!
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