[CRASH] BSOD Login, Please help if you can :)

This may just be my computer and it very well may be, but when i log into league i get a BSOD =PROBLEM= I Open LoL Launcher, then after i start logging in the sounds loop and the BSOD happens. -This happens almost whenever i launch League =HOW TO REPRODUCE= 1) Open League 2) Launch League 3) Login 4) BSOD DMP FILE: (Since .dmp files cant be uploaded i have a google drive link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwYLLXhcChVwYXJnNVlWd0RrZEk/view?usp=sharing -Please if anyone knows this stuff help, because it has really been affecting me and its bad. Thanks for everything! {{champion:150}}

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