Client Not Opening (8.21 patch)

Once the 8.21 patch hit the PBE server (the new K/DA skins patch), the client wouldn't open, I was stuck at the League of Legends logo on my desktop every time I tried to open the PBE client. I've searched for a solution to the problem on the PBE boards and reddit and stuff, most of them were "Reset your internet, reboot computer, etc.", as you probably have guessed none of them worked. This is the most recent post I could find regarding my issue, and as you can see, there was a reply saying to wait untill the next patch to hit the PBE server.. It did now and the client is still not opening. You might think why the hell am I posting this on Live boards and not the PBE boards, well the patch 8.21 just hit the live servers and... my client is not opening. Any suggestions would be useful, Thank you. > [{quoted}](name=Cornboss,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=8TIfXKi9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-24T22:40:04.258+0000) > > Figured out that if the game is installed on a computer that's never had League on it before, this issue doesn't happen, so with some messing around finally managed to find a fix that works for me. This is what I did, hopefully it helps, or at the very least sets you on the right track in finding a solution that works for you. > > Uninstall League (and the PBE). > Go to the drive that the game was installed on and ensure that there are no League or Riot files or folders left. Sometimes even with an uninstall it leaves stuff behind. > Go into your AppData folder. Go through Local. LocalLow, and Roaming and ensure there's no League or Riot files/folders. I think I found like three League related things even after uninstall. > Go into your Documents and remove the League folder which saves your highlights and replays. You can save this elsewhere if you don't want to loose them. > Finally restart and then reinstall the game. > > After that the client loaded for me, patched, no issues. I added my highlights back and those seem to take just fine, no issues. So it's possibly the hidden files within local and roaming or something to do with replays. Didn't bother readding the replays since they wouldn't play on a new patch anyway. > [{quoted}](name=BEST ZlGGS IRAN,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=8TIfXKi9,comment-id=00020003,timestamp=2018-10-25T00:05:26.551+0000) > > _UPDATE_ **2-Minute Fix** > Delete your Replays folder, restart your computer and relauch the client before attemping the fix below. It does not require a reinstallation of the game or deleting hidden files and is a solution. > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > I can confirm that this solves the issue of the client not opening and being stuck indefinitely on the League of Legends logo. Today's 8.21 patch is the culprit. > > All credit goes to Cornboss. I am just regurgitating the steps I did. > > Solution: > 1. Uninstall League of Legends. > 2. Navigate to your AppData folder (e.g. C:\Users\\[_username_]\AppData). This is normally a hidden folder so it is best to type out the address into File Explorer. Additionally you can type _%appdata%_ into File Explorer and click Enter. It will take you to C:\Users\\[_username_]\AppData\Roaming. From here click on _AppData_ in the path field to get to the main folder. > 3. Delete any folders associated with Riot Games or League of Legends in the folders _Local, LocalLow_ and _Roaming_. > 4. Navigate to your Documents folder then League of Legends where your Replays are stored and delete that folder. It is beneficial to delete this folder occasionally, since old replays do not work after patches and it frees up space on your disk drive. (I did not touch my Highlights folder.) > 5. Reinstall League of Legends. > > The client will now open and patch successfully. Thank you both so much! I hope this helped others as well!
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