Neeko Glitches

1. Neeko can get stuck on a turret so that she will simply stand still indefinitely if the player attempts to auto-path by clicking the mini-map; this occurred midlane at second turret. I had to manual click to set her free. 2. Sometimes if rapidly changing form without engaging in combat (going from say, Udyr, to Ahri, to Fiora) Neeko will glitch out and lose the ability to auto-attack (basic hit) altogether. She just runs up and stands near minions and jungle monsters. Right-clicking and hitting the a-key then left clicking fail to solve the problem and in order to recover her basic attack, Neeko must revert to her true form using an ability or by taking champion damage. 3. What happens when Neeko presses R and then enters Bard's tunnel/portal? What should happen? 4. Lux is not Neeko. But wearing the Pajama Guardian Lux skin, The Lady of Luminosity will sometimes lose the ability to cast her ultimate despite being off-cooldown. The ability will green light after the appropriate amount of time but Lux simply won't cast whether in combat, returning to lane, or safe in the spawn pool. The only solution I have found is to spam the abilities she can cast then spam R and click (not on the mini-map) until she fires her ultimate in a random direction. The next use reverts to normal, but of course this process costs valuable time, kills, and sometimes lives.
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