[Gameplay] Always Same Pick Order in 5 Man

I almost exclusively play in 5 man's because my discord has a lot of people. However, no matter who hosts or what join order I am _**always**_ first pick. It. Has. Been. A. Year. I am frankly so sick of this I want to quit. When I am in anything less than a 5 man (4 man, 3 man, etc.) it is random, as it should be, but ever since the start of last season 5 man's haven't been on join order and aren't random. Also, before people start saying "you are in a 5 man, just switch champions" I play support and none of my friends do so they don't have my champs, and I don't normally have theirs. While this might be a niche problem, please fix it because it is sucking the fun out of this game. I literally made another account to try to get out of this first pick glitch and guess what, that account just so happened to be locked into first pick aswell. Please help me out here Riot.

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