Sejuani passive is too icy [CRASH]

I was playing Gangplank and when I was ganked by sejuani I landed a barrel on her and the game froze. There was a white streak on the screen emanating from her body. To be fair my game crashes occasionally, I didn't think too much of it, I was back in the game in a few minutes only 70 cs behind. I spent a lot of the game of in the side lanes clearing to catch back up. I didn't have much interaction with Sejuani's passive as I wasn't in most fights at the start. 35 minutes in she comes to stop my split on the inhibitor and BAM I land a barrel on her passive, theres a flash of white and the game freezes. This time I couldn't get the game to close, team loses, and I get a 20 min low prio. I'd really appreciate if I could get this leaver removed but if not its chillin I guess. I have a bad graphics card and I run in very low detail, dunno if it matters

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