Riot Games Is Not Even Trying Anymore---Massive Game Breaking Bug Abuse in Patch 9.14

Just got on to play some ranked in the new patch 9.14 and man did Riot out-do themselves this time! First game I played in the enemy Mordekaiser's ult made it so that you were not able to cast any of your abilities. So if he ulted a mage all they could do was auto attack them while he killed them. I thought maybe this was just one screw up since Morde's ult has been giving them trouble recently, so I let it go. The very next game the enemy Annie could instantly stack her passive to full for infinite stuns, and the Qiyana on my team was literally unable to do damage with her Q ability when it was charged with an element. It would go straight through enemy minions and champions. So two games in a row literally FULL of game breaking bugs that people are abusing for free LP in ranked. LP that is gone for me and I won't be getting back I am sure. And don't even get me started on the miserable failure that is the launch of the new death recap system that literally tells you that your own teammate did the damage that killed you. Honestly this is just sad all around, I really don't expect much from Riot Games these days, but they somehow managed to absolutely crush my already very low standards with this patch.
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