Game freezing/crashing bug

So I posted once about League freezing my computer, yeah? I think it might have to do with either audio files or file access in general. When playing with in-game music on, sometimes it'll stutter or completely turn off. Afterwards, maybe half a minute while the music is off, the game will just freeze. I decided to wait it out and eventually it did return but the music did not. So when I go into the menu to turn off music, hitting "Okay" froze the game again! I waited that one out as well, and when it eventually unfroze the game ran smoothly without an issue from then on. To reiterate: 1. Music on 2. After a while, music stops 3. Game freezes a short time after (wait to unfreeze) 4. Unfreezes, turns off music 5. Game freezes on confirm (wait to unfreeze) 6. Smooooth sailings Hope the issue gets resolved!

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