[CLIENT] No Champions in Champ Select, Can't Use Search

Client: BETA Issue: Tried to play a ranked game today (3/1/2017) and was unable to complete champ select due to the fact that my champions did not appear. I was able to ban without issue and see champions in between picks, but when it came my turn my champs just took a holiday. I went into a custom bot match immediately after to try and recreate the bug, but there were no issues. The second problem that has persisted since last night is that I cannot use the search function in bans or during my pick. No results appear, even though the champ I search hasn't been banned or selected. EDIT 3/1/17 9:11PM So I just got into a game, pre-selected my champ (normally I like to not ghost a champ, to better set up CC that my team needs without declaring) just in case select bugged out again and left me with just the lock-in button, but lo' and behold, when it came my turn to select, ONLY my champ's icon popped up. This then means I have no capability to make a split-decision champ pick during my turn.
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