Client keeps on "Force" repairing my client and i want it to stop.

This has only happened in this patch and only recently. When I keep my ethernet cable in (for those that don't know: i wire my laptop to the modem to keep a steady 19 ping.) Sometimes the contacts on the wire and laptop don't respond well and can cause a 1 sec disconnect the chances of this happening is 3/10 times and if this happens during loading screens i just have to quickly reboot the client (reconnect doesn't work on my client) and bam im back in the game with no problems. But now if this happens the client will just shut down the game, claim its a bug and brings up that bugsplat app. The client automatically starts repairing the client, wasting my time and forcing my team to remake the game which now has landed me a punishment from the leaver buster which isn't my fault but your repair 8.1 repair system. It's not a bug just my ethernet cable being dodgy during loading screens and i've been doing this for the past 3 years and never got a problem like it till today and yesterday. For those wondering: No nothing bad will happen if there is a slight connection error if it fails to connect during gameplay, the game will run at a normal 19ping and it's always has been fine like that for the past 3 years. I notice the client disconnects not by sudden ping spikes but since I'm playing the game in window mode I can see the "no friends poro" on the friend list indicating a connection problem. For patch 8.2 can you keep the repair feature strictly a option for users, not a mandatory feature that it must do because this has cost me a timed suspension (not a day or 2 week one). I've also got news 4 days from now that one of my best buds from NA who moved his account to EUW back in season 5. He had nearly the same problem which resulted in the client force repairing ruining his game. Thanks for reading and please fix this or at least don't make the repair feature mandatory but instead optional. -ORNNStein sMORGh (SkarlStoleMyTaco) {{sticker:sg-soraka}} EDIT; While writing this I was in the middle of the repair process for the 2nd time and now the client came up with another crash bug and my wireless connection is fine after checking it on the windows.cmd So now I have to wait even longer for the 3rd repair to complete {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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