Experiencing random disconnects without Avast! installed.

Other online programs continue to function unhindered, my little internet icon in the system tray never says anything about losing connection, whenever it happens I quickly alt tab to Firefox and load up YouTube, which immediately appears, no problem. Now I'm not a networking guy, but I feel like I know enough about computers that I would wager this isn't an issue on my end, and just wanted to let you guys know so you don't tunnel on the Avast! thing and maybe end up missing a similar but different issue that is also occurring! :D Let me know if you need any kind of diagnostic thingies, I don't know where to find them but would be willing to grab them and upload if you tell me where. This just happened in a ranked game as Voli and I were standing at Jax's red waiting for him to show up, and when I reconnected Voli was dead and pretty angry with me. Jax was smurfing and pressed his lead to win the game for his team.
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