Game freeze / crash after champ select countdown

Hi, this problem occured a few times over the past weeks or so. As soon as the timer of champ select reaches zero, nothing happens. Chat still works though. One time it actually started loading the game after a delay of like half a minute, but usually it just totally freezes like this. The only escape is to leave or shut it down. Today I tried reconnecting or at least opening the client again afterwards, which openend a black screen with a rotating circle, implying progress, but from there, literally nothing goes anymore. I hear the sound of blue essence in the back ground, followed by the sound of two error messages. Task manager cannot close the client or get rid of the black screen so I have to restart the PC because of that. These after countdown freezes have happened a few times over a longer period of time already, but they usually let me go back into the client immediately after.
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