Gameplay Bug for Ryze in Patch 7.8: The E Ability sometimes does NOT reset the Q cooldown.

It happened in 3 games by now and in each of these games it occured 2 - 4 times. Basically, on some occasions, using the "E" Ability of Ryze doesn't reset the cooldown of his "Q". This never ever happend in earlier patches and because Riot buffed his "Q" cooldown reset time, which is faster now than before, the problem is a patch 7.8 bug. I have no clue how to reproduce the problem, I'm actually too lazy to try to analyze it, but I can provide you lads with a gameplay footage. Gameplay footage: Notice that after my "W", I use my "Q" then I use an "E" and then I somehow get no "Q" reset. I think we need a hotfix boys, it occurs every single game. Can I have Young Ryze for finding this bug <3 ? Riot camman {{champion:13}} "If I had a tattoo that looked like you, I'd get it removed !!!"
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