[GAMEPLAY] This is really starting to annoy me

Rek'Sai's Burrow has been bugged SINCE HER RELEASE, and it drastically affects gameplay because 90% of champions have some hard cc, or a silence. It is not fun when you get silenced, so you can't knock someone up because she acts like she's unburrowed. I literally just had a game where I was silenced autoed twice like I was unburrowed, kept walking like I was unburrowed, then tried to hit W because I thought I was unburrowed, only to unburrow while my character model was unburrowed. This is not hard to recreate at all, and the fact that I have reported it at least seven times, but nothing has been done is even more annoying. Literally any form of cc that's not a slow reproduces the same results, Rek'Sai attacking like she's unburrowed instead of unburrowing and knocking people up.

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