Can't rebind player move click

How to switch mouse buttons
Hi. I successfully switched my m2 with m1 buttons to move but some things are off. It's hard to cast certain abilities and when i want to look around the mini map the game moves me into the direction of where I'm looking. Any fixes to easily switch the functions of mouse 1 and mouse 2?
So there is no way to remap my mouse buttons so league can read mouse input normally. My new left handed mouse (MB1 and MB2 are swapped), and i swapped them i system setting, end of story right? NO! well, at least it would be if i didn't play league; EVERY OTHER GAME REGISTERS MOUSE INPUT AS NORMAL. My microsoft settings sends the swapped inputs, blizzard games are correctly reading my mouse, every steam game nails it; league is the anomaly. I got this nice new mouse and its rendered worthless for league because of the way input is read in this game. I'm going to be spam posting this until its considered as a problem. The only support is the link i posted, and its a Pucking joke, as it says after you alter those files your on your own as its not officially supported. Yeah i already have my keybindings done already, but unless I'm doing something crazy like modding, adding a loot filter, or changing maps around, I should have to edit files... a 2 minute ingame process turns into a 30 minute thing.

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