Loading screen into remake

It has happened to me twice in 2 days already - starting a game, getting into the loading screen, waiting, then the game closes into the post game screen as a leaver in a remake. The loading screen showed no issues at all, no error popups, the "everything is fine" wheel kept spinning right until the remake happened, the ping value fluctuated normally. (Last time in particular, just now, the loading was stuck at 96% when it shut down, but the game had been going on for 3:46 minutes already) The only possible reproduction steps I could have are having a low-end PC and multitasking (Alt-tabbing to do something else) during loading times. The game doesn't crash, internet is fine, the game just keeps loading until the game is over. Are low end PCs still actually supported or am I supposed to just stop playing because I don't have a powerful enough PC now even though it runs the game alright? I'm not ok with being a "leaver" without actually doing anything to deserve it except for having a bad PC.
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