SOLUTION: Progressive FPS Stutter/Lag Starting @ 7-10 Minutes Until Game Is Fully Frozen

**For Players:** Alright, so I've had this issue since Patch 8.15 got deployed and had it once before in Patch 8.12 or something. I've been playing around with a ton of drivers and bios updates and nothing worked until I finally got some clues from other players on what might be going on. It is a rather quick fix at the cost of some sound quality. Here is what you want to do: 1. Open up Task Manager using Alt-Ctrl-Dlt or whatever other method. 2. Click on the Processes tab. 3. Scroll down until you see "Nahimic Services", "Nahimic32", and "Nahimic64". *Not exact characters, just look in general for those. 4. Right-click each one and click "End Task". 5. This will close Nahimic which is the program for that amazing Sound you get. With it closed, LoL runs completely fine on Patch 8.15. **For Riot:** MSI users need Nahimic because it is a crucial program since it delivers the core sound quality that we need to make games and videos more enjoyable. With the program terminated, we are limited to listening to some low quality sound. Since you know the issue now, please take some time and work with MSI or Nahimic and find the fix to this issue. I want to be able to play LoL with Nahimic on. That is one of the reasons I bought this laptop in the first place. Thanks. **UPDATE 1:** Ok, for anyone who does not have Nahimic running, the problem lies somewhere else. Do the following: 1. Open up Task Manager using Alt-Ctrl-Dlt. 2. Click on the Processes tab. 3. Try and locate anything that looks like "MSI Afterburner" or "RivaTuner Statistics". 4. Close any of those tasks using "End Task". 5. Run LoL again to see if it works. **UPDATE 2:** Ok, this is for anyone using AMD as their CPU. Do the following: 1. Click on the Windows Search Bar. 2. Type "Device Manager" and open it up. 3. Expand the "Firmware" option. 4. Right-click "Bios" and then click "Update Driver". 5. Restart your computer. 6. Run LoL again to see if it works.
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