IMPORTANT: Master Yi ultimate movement speed is not calculated correctly

Hey guys I was calculating some stuff on masteryi, his base movement speed (ms) is 355. If you ult on level6, his movement speed will be 466 that means it is increased by 111, but 35% of 355 is 124.5 that means he should get +124 ms and his ms should be 479 instead of 466. If you purchase tier 1 boots, your ms without ult is 380 and when you use ult it will be 487 that means you get +117 movement speed, but 35% of 380 is 133 that means you should get +133 instead +117. I think this is a bug for whole game with movement speed, because I realized when you purchase mobi boots you get +104 movement speed instead +115. I purchased mobi boots on khazix and It gives +105 instead +115 so mobi boots is bugged too. Idk where I should post it so if anybody can contact riot submit it so they will fix it. finally high lander will be an ability Kappa! I didnt upload screenshots since you can test it in practice tools yourself. have a good (Copied it from my reddit post)
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