Nexus Blitz - Loading screen indicator and visual in-game bugs

Went for a Blitz game, all as usual.. loading screen, everyone at 0% I wait a bit, nothing happens. Checked the loading indicator on the bottom right corner.. still spinning as if it was loading. Okay, I will wait. Waited for like 5 minutes more. Nothing, but then after a bit more time it loads me into game.. and it is literally unplayable. Multiple visual effects layered on top of each other, most noticeably the speed boost from the fountain. I had other bugs too but I quickly just went for reconnecting. So the effect was trailing behind me like it god damn Dead Man`s plate, just a lot more intense The bug did not disappear after reconnecting. Had to play the already lost game with that bug on me and teammate Ashe. Fps drops all over the place because the "buff" for multiple kills that enemies stacked by then were also glitching Went for the print screen but heh.. pasted it in as blank Kinda tilted me, especially the fact that loading indicator kept showing as everything is fine.. while it was actually messed up completely

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