Can't stop spectating, please help i would like to play the game

I was spectating a friend and then exited and now I can't use the client because it says I'm still spectating. I have restarted the client which doesn't work and I have restarted my computer but when I log in I still can't do anything. Also the Lebalnc page on your website still has code bleeding through, I reported this several times over a year ago. Guess you guys really don't care. Looks like your parse tool tip function just isn't accounting for the format that the ultimate's bindings are in, it runs through 11 damage tags (.effectBurn) that are all "0" for the ultimate but its looking for {{ e0 }}, {{ e1 }}, {{ e2 }}, etc which matches up with the binds on the other abilities but the ultimate bindings are in a different format ({{ rq1damage }}, {{rq2damage}} and {{ rq3damage }}, so they aren't coming across properly and even if they were they would be set to 0 because all the data in the json is 0 strings I could fix this in like 10 minutes.....
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