Epilepsy Causing Skin

EPILEPSY WARNING! BA Ezreal W proc on turrets in Howling Abyss
Uploaded by hellbikerjohn on 2019-06-06.
Hello Riot Games. I wanted to showcase that your Battle Academia Ezreal Skin has a high risk of causing Epileptic seizures due to its colour schemes, crazy dimensions and flashy lights. I have reported this to Riot Player support but they have dismissed me, saying this is a matter for the Skin Development team to solve. I don't understand why they haven't relayed the information to them but instead sent me here to report on it and hope for a response from a Rioter. This is a very important matter because I had never had an epileptic seizure history in my 6 years of playing League, yet this skin might change that. If nothing is done then I am afraid I might have to quit play the game indefinitely. Have a good day.

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